Forever trying to capture the colours of my hair :3



these are so beautiful!

I have a silver snake one and then I think I still have the gold dragon I was given…I almost have too many piercings to wear them though

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my kinda vacation spot

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My housemates have gone camping so my boyfriend and I have brought my PC down to the lounge to use it via the tv and we’re gonna get all cosy and play kotor 2 and lego marvel super heroes and it’s gonna be so cool! ^.^

ahh sorry about my misjudged submission there..! it's meant to be a couple of recognizable things from later LucasArts point & click games, redrawn in the style of the very earliest ones (e.g. Maniac Mansion). I guess the joke just doesn't work, it was meant to be like doing the opposite of the HD "Special Edition" versions... Anyway, I won't be offended if you wanna delete the post & ignore this one :) denzquix

Ohh no I’m sorry, I recognised what they were I just didn’t understand the caption! Did you make them? They’re really cool! :)

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